Traditionalism, Modernity, Postmodernity - Functional Aspects of Manifestation


  • Iulian Apostu Researcher, Romanian Academy, Bucarest, Romania



traditionalism, modernity, postmodernity, conjugality, relational individualism


The evolution of social systems has a direct impact on the family, which influences the mode of functionality, the variety of types of relationships between partners, role structure, gender relations, etc. By taking into consideration common conceptions, the Romanian family is considered to be a modern one, but, scientifically analyzing the landmarks of functionality, the logic of role distribution and gender relations, it is rather a society in transition to modernity. Of course, the landmarks of modernity are not unknown to contemporaneity, but, as a whole, the Romanian family still feels traditional influences. The study aims to highlight the functional patterns of these marital structures, showing the specific ways of organizing functions, role dynamics, evolutionary resources, but also the value intersection specific to this transition from one marital system to another.


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Apostu, I. (2021). Traditionalism, Modernity, Postmodernity - Functional Aspects of Manifestation. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty: Philosophy & Humanistic Sciences, 9(1), 83-95.

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