Mathematics: a Knot of Languages Variations on a Theme by Bentham


  • Jean-Pierre Cléro Emeritus Professor at the University of Rouen, France; Lecturer at Scineces Po, Paris, France



Mathematics, Knot of Languages, Variations, Bentham


« 2 + 2 = 4 is a question of language »

Bentham, Rationale of judicial evidence, London, Hunt & Clarke, 1827, Vol. III, p. 274.

« The beginning and the end are never the most interesting […]. Only the middle is interesting. […]. We start again from the middle. French people think too much in terms of tree: the tree of knowledge, tree points, alpha and omega, roots and summit. It is the contrary of a blade of grass. Not only grass grows in the middle of things, but it grows itself from the middle. […] Grass has a line of flight but it has no rooting. We have grass in our head; not a tree: that is the meaning of what thinking is; what is a brain: «a certain nervous system» of grass ».

Deleuze G. & Parnet C., Dialogues, Champs Essais, 1966, p. 50-51.


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