Non-Financial Performance - Dimension of Business Way to be


  • Gabriela SANDU Lecturer Ph. D., „”Petre Andrei” University of Iasi, Romania


Enterprise, Non-financial motivation of employees, non-financial performance.


The vision of a profitable enterprise is realized by combining the financial performance with a series of non-financial performance criteria, among which the most popular ones are the use of non-financial indicators, environmental policy, organizational culture, employee motivation, etc.. Performance means satisfying the existing customers, in order to keep them, to obtain a better quality of the goods and services made, to gain new customers. The ultimate goal of financial and non-financial motivations is to obtain the performance, increase the profit of the company, optimize the business. A good cost-benefit ratio clearly results in performance.


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SANDU, G. (2019). Non-Financial Performance - Dimension of Business Way to be. Anuarul Universitatii "Petre Andrei" Din Iasi - Fascicula: Drept, Stiinte Economice, Stiinte Politice, 24, 239-245. Retrieved from

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