Starting with 2019, LUMEN Publishing House has been accredited in the field of legal sciences by the National Council for Scientific Research – please visit

Previously, LUMEN Publishing House was accredited as a category B publishing house in the field of humanities (2011) and as a category B scientific publishing house in the field of History of arts and architecture, Cultural studies, Cultural memory and heritage, Cultural heritage ( and a category C publishing house in the fields of Philosophy and the history of philosophy, Epistemology, logic and philosophy of science, Ethics and bioethics (, Historiography, theories and methods of history; History of ideas, intellectual history, Collective memory, identities, places of memory, oral history, Genealogy. Heraldry and sigilography (, Myths, rituals, symbolic representations, theology and religious studies, Ethnography (, Foreign languages and literatures (, Romanian language and literature (

Prior to the 2011 accreditation, the LUMEN Scientific Publishing House was accredited in 2006 and re-accredited in 2010 (code 003) – please visit