Research and Publishing Ethics Committee of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House (RREC)

The Research and Publishing Ethics Committee (RREC) operates under the aegis of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , as a body without legal personality, which aims to provide ethical consultancy and evaluation (ethical audit) of publications and projects carried out under the LUMEN aegis, as well as consultancy and ethical audit, upon request, to other legal entities involved in scientific research and dissemination of knowledge.


RREC is active in the field of scientific research, implicitly in research on human subjects, as well as in the field of editorial ethics, since 2011, according to the Decision of the Board of Directors of the LUMEN Association of 20.03.2011, having competence in evaluating all programs and centers operating within the LUMEN Association. .

LUMEN Association, which has in its structural subordinate the LUMEN Socio-Human Research Center; The LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , the LUMEN Conference Center, the LUMEN Training and Consultancy Center, as well as the scientific publications and journals published under the aegis of LUMEN, adhere to the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE) principles of editorial and scientific transparency and support the main purpose of COPE, which is in “promoting, for the public benefit, ethical standards in conducting research and ethical standards in publishing in academic journals” (COPE).


The RREC of the LUMEN Association supports and pursues the fulfillment of the following best practices in the ethics of scientific research (including on human subjects) and the editorial ethics:

  • observing the ethics of research on human subjects according to the national and international legislation to which Romania adhered: art. 695 and art. 700 of Law no. 95/2006 regarding the reform in the field of health, art 1-4 and art. 29 of GEO no. 72/2010 regarding the reorganization of some institutions in the health field, as well as for the modification of normative acts in the field of health, art. II and art. III of WHO no. 904/2006 for the approval of the norms regarding the implementation of the rules of good practice in carrying out the clinical studies performed with medicinal products for human use, GD no. 734/2010 on the organization and functioning of the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices, Declaration from Helsinki, Oviedo Convention / ratified by Law no. 17/2001, as well as the directives of the European Parliament and of the European Commission, which are the manifestation of the effects of the Declaration of Helsinki and the Convention of Oviedo;
  • ethical endorsement, respectively whether or not an ethical endorsement of the research, publishing and training programs carried out within the LUMEN Association or to which the LUMEN Association is a partner, through any of its structures is required;
  • analyzing complaints regarding violations of ethical and good practice rules in research or good editorial practice by the staff of the LUMEN Socio-Human Research Center, LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , LUMEN Training and Consultancy Center, the editorial team of LUMEN publications, publishers, collection coordinators, editors collection coordinators, chief editors, editors of newspaper coordinators, as well as by the staff of the LUMEN Conference Center;
  • analyzing complaints about violations of ethical norms, good practice in research by authors or researchers who have proposed for evaluation for publication or have published the research results at LUMEN Scientific Publishing House in volumes or in journals;
  • monitoring the application and observance of the legal provisions regarding the norms of moral and professional conduct by the research, professional and editorial staff;
    proposing and permanently improving the ethical standards of operation of the programs and centers of the LUMEN Association;
  • offering consulting in order to permanently improve the ethical standards of functioning of other entities involved in the activity of research or dissemination of knowledge;
  • avoiding the risk of plagiarism, self-plagiarism, multiple publishing and respecting intellectual property in all its forms, as well as analyzing plagiarism notices within LUMEN Scientific Publishing House .


  • Assist. Prof. PhD. Roxana NECULA – President
  • Assoc. Prof. PhD. Simona DAMIAN – Member
  • Prof. PhD Antonio SANDU – Member
  • Associated Lecturer PhD. Ana FRUNZĂ – Member
  • Assoc. Prof. PhD Tomiță CIULEI – Member
  • PhD Stud. Alexandra HUIDU – Member
  • PhD. Elena UNGURU (GAFTON) – Member
  • Roxana STRATULAT– Member


The RREC can be notified or it can take innitiative by itself:

A. Before starting the research:

  • In the planning and preparation stage of the research project, the CECEE has the role of providing information to the researchers, upon their request, on the ethical standards that they must follow;
  • In the evaluation phase, the CECEE ethically evaluates the proposal of the principal investigator or investigator.

B. After starting the research:

  • During the research stage, the CECEE has the role of monitoring the research project, especially in the ethical aspects, and if necessary to re-examine and re-evaluate the project ethically;
  • In the finalization phase of the project, the CECEE has the role of verifying the research reports offered by the researchers.

C. When disseminating research:

  • In the pre-publication phase, the CECEE has the role of verifying whether the ethical standards of research have been met, especially regarding the research on human subjects and the informed consent of the research participants, obtaining the opinion of a research ethics commission for those researches. requiring such an opinion;
  • after the publication of the research, the CECEE has the role to resolve any disputes regarding the ethics of the research or publication related to the publishing activity of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , between authors, between authors and third parties or between authors / third parties and the editorial staff of LUMEN.

In case of a major breach of the editorial ethics, measures will be taken in accordance with the legislation in force.

We are convinced of the full honesty of our authors and we will take all measures to ensure that there are no works published in our publishing house that violate in any form the ethics of scientific research or publication.