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LUMEN Publishing from Iasi, Romania, the publisher of the open access, Web of Science indexed scientific journal Postmodern Openings, gladly invites you to become one of our authors in 2022!

Postmodern Openings is a journal with a tradition of over 10 years of research into postmodernism, well known in its field for the topical issues of the papers it publishes and the high standards of quality of the peer review process.

We invite researchers all over the world in the fields of social sciences, philosophy, humanities, medical humanities & bioethics and other branches and academic fields, to propose theoretical and empirical works addressing the issue of postmodernism, mainly on the following topics:

postmodern society (hypermodernity; metamodernism; posthumanism; postmaterialism; post-postmodernism; post-structuralism; postmodern feminism; the postmodern condition)

semiotics (sign; relation; relational complex; code; confabulation; connotation / denotation; encoding / decoding; lexical modality; representation; salience; semiosis; semiosphere; semiotic theory of Peirce; biosemiotics; cognitive semiotics; computational semiotics; literary semiotics; semiotics of culture; social semiotics).

postmodern analytical methods (commutation test; paradigmatic analysis; syntagmatic analysis).

postmodern philosophy (postmodern philosophers; philosophical counselling, ontology; epistemology; ethics; aesthetics; hermeneutics; philosophy of language; feminist school of thought).

deconstruction (deconstruction and dialectics; deconstruction approaches – Jean-Francois Lyotard, Jacques Derrida, and Fredric Jameson).

information society / knowledge society (information and communication technologies; computer users or digital citizens; post-industrial society (post-fordism); computer society; telematic society; society of the spectacle; information revolution; information age; network society; liquid modernity; Information and communication technology).

posthumanism (transhumanism; human enhancement; longevity studies).

social movements and postmodern society (deprivation theory; mass society theory; structural strain theory; resource mobilization theory; political process theory; social movement and social networking; civil resistance; counterculture of the 1960s; countermovement; moral shock; new social movements; nonviolent resistance; political movement; reform movement; revolutionary movement; social defense; social equality; teaching for social justice; online social movements).

postmodern literature (metafiction; unreliable narration; self-reflexivity; intertextuality; postmodern themes and techniques in literature).

postmodern art & film (radical movements in modern art; abstract expressionism; pop art; fluxus; minimalism; postminimalism; movements in postmodern art: conceptual art, installation art, lowbrow art, performance art, digital art, intermedia and multi-media, telematic art, appropriation art and neo-conceptual art, neo-expressionism and painting) (postmodern film; postmodernist filmmakers; postmodernist television).

applied ethics, bioethics, public health, research ethics.

postmodern architecture (high-tech architecture; modern classicism and deconstructivism; postmodern buildings and architects; theories of postmodern architecture; architectural postmodernism in Europe; architectural postmodernism in Japan).

postmodern religion (postmodern interpretations of religion; post-Christianity, neopaganism; postmodern spirituality).

social constructionism (social constructionism roots; influential thinkers of social constructionism; social construction of nature; social construction of reality; personal construct psychology; systemic therapy).

knowledge economy (post-industrial economy; knowledge worker; knowledge market; knowledge management; cognitive-cultural economy; Endogenous growth theory)

post-secular society (desecularization; new religious movements; Habermas’ religious dialogue, Church renewal, Post-Christianity).

posthistory (representations of history).

postmodern education – the education for acquiring skills to adapt to all aspects of postmodern society (student-centered education; skills-focused education for integration into the society of the future; literacy for the information society; education for ethics; ecological education; E-Learning and Software in Education; Distance learning; e-Learning technologies; Projects and e-Learning experiences; e-Tutoring & Mentoring; e-Learning for sustainable development).

We welcome research and theoretical articles, editorials and book reviews, written in English language, with a length between 3.000 and 10.000 words. You can submit your article any time you are ready, because the journal publishes 4 regular issues every year (during March, June, September and December), together with 2 or more supplementary issues.

Access the submission link below, create your account and upload your paper following the steps indicated on the platform of the journal.

Before submitting, make sure you visit our “Guidelines for authors” and the “Ethical guidelines”, on the journal’s website, by accessing the links provided below, or you can watch the video presentations of these guidelines available on the YouTube Channel of Lumen Publishing, also mentioned below.

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We are looking forward to receiving your papers and your thoughts on all that is postmodern!

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