Dracula from Gothic to Postmodernism – Anamaria BOBOC

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Romanian edition. Original title: DRACULA DE LA GOTIC LA POSTMODERNISM

Anamaria BOBOC

LUMEN – Copyright © 2011CULTURAL DIMENSIONS Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 80          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN:  978-973-166-279-4


Dracula is not just a fantastic hero resulting from the imagination of the gothic novel and placed by the fears of western man in the mysteries of the Carpathians, where the mysterious “Gate of civilization” is. Dracula is a symbol of the dark side, of the world of darkness that exists in every being. Vlad Dracul or his son, Vlad Ţepeş – the rulers of the country from the edge of the world – becomes the bloody vampire who extracts immortality from the blood (life force) of his victims. Dracula is a modern myth inspired by a legendary hero of the Middle Ages who fell into the darkness of modernism, be it gothic, postmodernism or even the new currents of transmodernism and hypermodernism. The vampire is a mythological creation present in most cultures and civilizations. Blood (life force) turns the vampire into a seeker of immortality. A nocturnal immortality and devoid of the glory of access to mysteries, cursed to be unable to live in the light. He, Nosferatu, is in reality only a parody of immortality, a mimetic attempt by the world of darkness to insert itself into the mystery of life by seizing the vital force of the living soul of the world (in the Gnostic sense). (The author)

Topics of interest:

  • literary studies
  • gothic novel
  • postmodern novel

Author: Editura LUMEN

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