Leadership. Theories, models and applications – Veronica RÎLEA

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Romanian edition. Original title: LEADERSHIP. TEORII, MODELE ȘI APLICAȚII

Veronica RÎLEA

LUMEN – Copyright © 2006 – SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         

PAGES: 104           

LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN: 973-1703-10-1

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The complex issue of leadership is a point of interest for more than a century, specialists are interested in finding out who are those who have the ability to imprint their vision to organizations and influence their important activities, and whether these qualities are natural or can be developed. With the transformation of the global economy from the industrial-manufacturing type to the post-industrial and informational type, the need for a revision of leadership models was felt. The work of the leader in organizations is becoming more and more complex. (The author)

Topics of interest:

  • administrative sciences
  • leadership
  • economics

Author: Editura LUMEN

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