Freedom And Political Moderation – Marius CAPRARU

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Romanian edition. Original title: LIBERTATE SI MODERATIE POLITICA


LUMEN – Copyright © 2010CULTURAL DIMENSIONS Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         

PAGES: 252         

LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN:  978-973-166-234-3

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This collection of two works, the first dealing with the philosophical work of Raymond Aron and the second dealing with the intellectual origins of the American Revolution, has the role of tracking the way in which Aron’s work and the event represented by the American Revolution were overcome. in importance of their successive interpretations. At the same time, their essential philosophical and historical status withstood attempts at annihilation and social amnesia. The collection is called “Freedom and Political Moderation” because the two topics have in common the discussion of the meaning of freedom given by Aaron to his work through the filter of moderation, and American revolutionaries manage to obtain freedom by moderating their political actions. Collective memory is not independent of collective forgetting, so the history of the concrete manifestations of this freedom-moderation couple, in the work of Aaron and in the American Revolution, is the subject of this paper. (The author)

Topics of interest:

  • philosophy
  • Raymond Aron
  • liberalism
  • Cold War

Author: Editura LUMEN

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