The Mystery Of The Escape Of The Gnome – Bogdan Catalin MEREUTA

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Romanian edition. Original title: MISTERUL EVADARII GNOMULUI

Bogdan Catalin MEREUTA

LUMEN – Copyright © 2012POETRY & FICTION Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 266          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN: 978- 973-166-329-0

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The author Bogdan Catalin MEREUTA has proved to be a significant contributor to the LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , his imagination leading to the publication in 2010 of the volume, with over 170 pages, lively, well-connected action, taken from the world of the Internet, Harry Potter, legends. universals cultivated by children’s TV channels where Romanian stories did not take place. One by one, a vigorous book, with lively dialogue, which is sometimes missing from the books of some well-known authors.The volume The mystery of the escape of the gnome, by the author Bogdan Catalin MEREUTA, goes through three structurally delimited parts, an extra-ordinary story of a nascent prince. The imagination of the author gave free rein to some totally different events from the life of a prince charged with … a fairy. The whole story begins with the celebration of the birthday of our little prince, who receives as a gift a trivial music box, inside which he discovers an incredible fairy-tale creature with whom he embarks on true adventures.


Author: Editura LUMEN

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