Politics And Metapolitics In Plato’s Works – Isadora Ioana DUNCA

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Romanian edition. Original title: POLITICA SI METAPOLITICA LA PLATON

Isadora Ioana DUNCA

LUMEN – Copyright © 2009CULTURAL DIMENSIONS Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         

PAGES: 106         

LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN:  978-973-166-115-5

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Which form of human or state community would be best, or the questions of freedom, justice, individual development or education, those relating to the relationship between the individual and society, power and domination, are issues that concern us today as much as they did the thinkers of past centuries. They are great themes of the philosophical tradition, and the attempts to find answers to them, lead to the solutions offered by philosophers, from antiquity to the present. The motivation of this paper considers the fundamental problems of human existence in society, still analyzed by the sophists, Plato or Aristotle, who prove (some of them) their topicality. The political problem, the theme of the polis, is present everywhere in Plato’s work and is the central substance of the Platonic philosophy. The Republic dialogue, in which the philosopher offers an important space for the analysis of the state, has been interpreted in very different ways. For some interpreters, it describes an ideal state, and the parallels that Plato draws between the state and the individual man mean nothing more than an illustration of this ideal state. (The author)

Topics of interest:

  • philosophy
  • metapolitics
  • Plato

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