European Research development in Horizon 2020 – Elena HLACIUC, Ionel BOSTAN (coordinators)

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Elena HLACIUC, Ionel BOSTAN (coordinators)

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FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 464          LANGUAGE: English

ISBN: 978-973-1703-22-0

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Since we are honoured to have been asked to preface this volume, we will have to outline, from the very beginning, a few specific aspects that we believe should be defined in these circumstances. Firstly, the undertaking we are referring to is, as a whole, related to the organisation and development of a considerable number of public events and debates of a notably scientific and academic nature, as part of the EUROPEAN RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT IN HORIZONT 2020 (ERDH-2020/ Project No 529342-LLP-1-2012-1-RO-AJM-IC) project. The extent of the work and effort required in the management of this type of activity (a highly complex grant) has been acknowledged by the academic community for years. However, on this particular occasion, the project manager was the one who has taken on the task of addressing all the specific issues involved, alongside a team that has put in all their energy into making sure that this endeavour – as we shall see – eventually turns well. (Ionel Bostan)

Topics of interest:

  • economics
  • education sciences
  • commercial law
  • financial-fiscal law
  • sociology
  • business Administration
  • Public Administration
  • applied ethics
  • public policies
  • developmental psychologyâ
  • administration sciences

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