Iasi in literature – Anamaria BOBOC, Antonio SANDU

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Romanian edition. Original title: IASUL IN LITERATURA

Anamaria BOBOC, Antonio SANDU

LUMEN – Copyright © 2008 – CULTURAL DIMENSIONS Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 220          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN: 978-973-166-104-9

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Iasi culture is based on a deep sense of eternity. In order to leave the traveler’s Iasi, he needs a necessary advance to climb the gentle hills that surround him. They are a resting place in its path before taking the lead to other lands but also a rest as a stop in front of a temple, in the way of the road that, driven by business or longing, takes its steps towards Iasi. The roads of Iasi are such non-stop stops and adventures that catch in the middle “in the midst of things” as a testimony of a promised eternity. Houses and statues, churches and palaces are the cornerstones of eternity brought to the present moment by the locals. Located on the Bahlui river at 12 km from its confluence with Jijia (Badarau, 2007: 9) Iasi stretches in the Bahlui depression between the Copou, Repedea, Cetatuia, Galata, Bucium-Paun, Sorogari, Breazu hills. (The authors)

Topics of interest:

  • cultural studies
  • collective memory
  • cultural heritage
  • literary studies


Author: Editura LUMEN

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