Lights and shadows – Nicoleta Mihaela CRAMARUC

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Romanian version. Original title: LUMINI SI UMBRE

Nicoleta Mihaela CRAMARUC

LUMEN – Copyright © 2008 – POETRY & FICTION Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 121          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN: 978-973-166-025-7


Writing Poetry, now, at the beginning of the millennium, in an alienated world of the internet, a world in a dizzying movement that no longer allows a moment of meditation and contemplation, is an act of great courage. People are no longer masters of their Time and, becoming captive “between light and shadow”, run chaotically to fill the void in them with “something”. And yet! A young woman, first trained in the traditional values ​​of the “Vasile Lupu” Normal School in Iasi, then in the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Iasi “Al.I.Cuza”, confronts prejudices and offers readers “a piece” of her soul, ” as an exhortation to walk more often with Time in us ”. Modestly, he states that he does not claim to write “Poetry”, but as he reads the volume, any reader, even the uninformed, will discover a special freshness of notations and a sensitivity that assiduously seeks the Light. Nicoleta Cramaruc’s lyrics bring the term “poetry” closer to the Greek one: “poiesis” which means “creation”. Everything is alive and lives intensely in each verse, causing us to ask ourselves, again and again (for several centuries they have not become commonplace, but have become more acute), the eternal questions: What are we? How do we go through life? How do we stay human? With the lucidity of the psychologist, without hesitation, the “shadows” of people are highlighted. They are “proud”, “distant”, “opportunistic”, “indifferent”, “duplicitous with a false smile on their face”. (What are we ..?!)


Author: Editura LUMEN

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