Virtual Fighters – Bogdan Cătălin MEREUŢĂ

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Romanian edition. Original title: LUPTATORII VIRTUALI

Bogdan Catalin MEREUTA

LUMEN – Copyright © 2010POETRY & FICTION Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 180          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN: 978-973-166-187-2

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Fragment from the volume:

Autumn is a princess full of treasure and royal riches, but with a black soul, overwhelmed by the planks of the sky and the death of the leaves. On such a day, in a corner of an old town, a boy named Cătălin, only twelve years old, watches the rain on the window, horrified by the idea that after two hours he has to go to school. “It is a very pleasant view, contemplated from a warm place like your own home” thought the boy. He waited until the rain stopped and started. The road to school was not as pleasant as the view. It was cool, the leaves were wet. and slippery and large drops of water were still falling from the trees. He began to run, knowing for sure he would be late, but hoping not too long. “It can’t be! Now I’m definitely not going to get there before the teacher starts her class. And I got my new jacket wet. It’s dripping wet! The boy took it off.” He looks for the strange object that caused its impact to the ground.


Author: Editura LUMEN

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