Infanticide – Daniel VASILE, Ionuț Ciprian DASCĂLU

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Romanian version. Original title: PRUNCUCIDERE

Daniel VASILE & Ionuț Ciprian DASCĂLU

LUMEN – Copyright © 2008 – Colecția JURIDICA

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 111          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN: 978-973-166-056-1


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Infanticide is the crime that contradicts the maternal instinct and the sacred duty of reproduction, while eros as a form of the instinct of conservation is the most natural and accessible way to get out of the precariousness and temporality of death and aspire to transcendence, along with fear, hunger and defense, forms of the same conservation instinct (Constantin Noica). At the same time, infanticide is the most monstrous crime because it is exercised on a fragile being – the fruit of eroticism – and on a defenseless person. In ancient times, infanticide was punished as severely as any murder. Medieval laws also did not distinguish between infanticide and any other homicide, although the fact that some of them provided for a more severe punishment for infanticide could illustrate the opposite. Cesare Beccaria, vehemently fighting the feudal laws, was the promoter of the idea that the natural mother should be punished more gently. He was referring to the mother who, as a result of rape or other special circumstances, gave birth to a child and who saw herself as an alternative: dishonoring or killing the child. Infanticide, like other crimes against life, consists of a particularly serious social danger, which causes the death of a human being, namely the newborn child, due to a neuro-psychic situation (disorder caused by of birth). (The authors)

Topics of interest:

  • criminal law
  • crimes against life
  • infanticide
  • forensic research


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