Stop domestic violence – Madalina CONSTANTIN

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Romanian Edition. Original Title: STOP VIOLENTA IN FAMILIE


LUMEN – Copyright © 20005 – LAW Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 33          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN: 973-7766-42-3

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Domestic violence has its origins in the social structure, in traditions, customs and mentalities that imply the superiority of the man over the woman. Modern societies continue to be patriarchal societies, giving more importance to the work done by men than to that done by women. Inequalities between women and men are manifested in connection with the weakening of the position of women in the labor market, with the increasing differences between the earnings of women and men. The feminization of unemployment and violence against women culminates in domestic violence as acute forms of discrimination. (The Author)

Topics of interest:

  • domestic violence
  • psichology
  • sociology
  • criminal law

Author: Editura LUMEN

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