Studies on the philosophy of the Orient – Antonio SANDU

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Romanian version. Original title: STUDII IN FILOSOFIA ORIENTULUI

Antonio SANDU

LUMEN – Copyright © 2008 – CULTURAL DIMENSIONS Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 164          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN: 978-973-166-036-3

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The intention of this volume is not to make an exhaustive presentation of the philosophy of the Orient but to present mainly those philosophical systems and schools whose reinterpreted doctrine contributes to the construction of the holistic paradigm. We will emphasize the metaphysical ideas and concepts that with some actuality in the construction of the holistic vision, aiming to point out the semantic transfers that the idea underwent going through a process of integrative semiosis to become reference points of the transmodern paradigm. For an ordering that preserves somewhat the vision of nationality in Oriental studies, we will prefer the division into schools and currents and geographical areas where the philosophical doctrines we will mention come from, but we will add a synthesis in the form of semiotic moments and contiguity of visions. as they are reinterpreted in the holistic paradigm. As such, we will neglect or treat very briefly certain philosophical or mystical currents as well as schools of mystical-ritual thought whose re-signification is not significant from the perspective of holistic construction. (The author)

Topics of interest:

  • philosophy
  • oriental philosophy
  • samkhia
  • yoga
  • Shaivism
  • Buddhism


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