World Book Day with LUMEN Publishing – International book publishing through our Program: Lumen Goes Global with Ingram

Publish your work with LUMEN WBD INTERNATIONAL WP

On the occasion of World Book Day, LUMEN Scientific Publishing House & Lumen Media Ltd., London, United Kingdom, invite you to submit scientific, poetry or fiction books for publication, resulting from individual or collective research or composition activity.

The selection will take place in one of the following sections:

  1. Law Books – in the fields of general criminal law, special criminal law, criminal enforcement law, criminology, forensics, forensic medicine, legal sociology, civil law, family law, commercial law, labor law, human rights and biolaw, civil procedural law, European law, public international law, private international law, criminal procedural law, international trade law, administrative law, financial-fiscal law, constitutional law – LUMEN Scientific Publishing House was accredited by CNCSIS in 2019 in the field of legal sciences.
  2. Social Development – in the fields of social work, sociology, social psychology, developmental psychology, social intervention, applied ethics, gender studies, communication sciences, European studies, political sciences, public administration.
  3. History and Cultural Studies – in the fields of cultural studies, universal, modern and contemporary history, historiography, art history, history of ideas, social, political and military history, collective memory, anthropology, cultural studies, British, American, Jewish, Islamic studies, museology, museography and science of collections, bibliology, ethnology, cultural heritage, visual arts, arts of performing.
  4. Philosophy – in the fields of classical philosophy, postmodern philosophy, transhumanism, myths, symbolic rituals and religious studies, philosophy of religion.
  5. Multidimensional Education – in the fields of education sciences, psychology, pedagogy, methodologies, continuing education, special psychopedagogy, physical education and sports, alternative education, volumes for teaching purposes.
  6. Doctoral Theses – in any of the selection fields presented in points 1-5 above (social-humanistic sciences and philosophy).
  7. Poetry and Fiction Books – volumes of poetry, short prose, essays, novels, children’s books.

There will be a separate evaluation and selection activity for each of the sections presented above.

Conditions for participating:

Deadline for submission of proposals: 15th of May 2020

Language: Only books written in English or French will be considered for publication

The evaluation of the volumes will be done in the order of their receipt, following these criteria:

  • relevance and quality of the work
  • the prestige of the group of authors, based on their CV,
  • contribution to the development of the technical-scientific field, originality, novelty of the approached topics,
  • the impact of publishing the volume for the scientific or cultural sphere.

It is recommended for authors who are not native speakers of English or French that, before submitting the volume, they copy-edit the volume with a native speaker or a professional translator of English or French.

Priority for publication will be given to authors who wish to detail and transform into a book one or more articles already published in one of the scientific journals of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House . These authors will also benefit from reductions of the international volume processing fee. Authors who opt for this publication will have to mention this aspect when they submit the volume.

The promotion and distribution of the selected volumes will be done through the LUMEN Goes Global with Ingram Program, based on the partnership concluded by LUMEN Scientific Publishing House with Ingram Content Group, through the Ingram database and the Global Connect Program. The books included in the program will be presented to the world’s top 27,000 virtual libraries and bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Blackwell Library, Book Depository, Coutts ProQuest, DLS Australia Pty etc., for information, purchasing and distribution worldwide. Ingram Content Group is the largest book distributor globally, making it possible to distribute Lumen books in the United States, Australia, Asia and throughout Europe.

Operating costs, including fees for processing volumes for international promotion and dissemination and fees charged by Ingram for including your book in catalogues to distributors  and maintaining volumes in the distribution catalogs for 3 years, are 350 euros, for a volume of maximum 250 pages, to which will be added 1 euro per page for what exceeds 250 pages (1 page is considered to have 2000 characters, including spaces).

Authors who wish to publish their volume as an open access book, available on LUMEN Scientific Publishing House website for free consultation by all those interested, will benefit from both the publication of their volume in printed format and in electronic format, provided payment of an open access fee that will be established on a case by case basis, in agreement with the authors. Authors who opt for this publication will have to mention this aspect this aspect when they submit the volume.

We invite all authors who wish to participate in this selection to submit to the email address, the following:

  • an excerpt from the volume proposed for evaluation, accompanied by a summary (presentation of the structure of the work proposed for funding);
  • an application form filled in by the author / coordinator of the volume.

with the mention “For the World Book Day with LUMEN Publishing – International book publishing through our Program: Lumen Goes Global with Ingram ”.

For additional information, please contact us at

Author: Editura LUMEN

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