Party behavior in European Parliament – Carmen Gabriela GREAB

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Carmen Gabriela GREAB

LUMEN – Copyright © 2006 – SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Book Series

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ISBN: 973-7766-58-x

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How cohesive are political parties in European Parliament? What is the behaviour of political parties in European Union? The answers to these questions are central for understanding the impact of party politics on European Union. In order to analyze party behavior in European Union, the present study focuses on three issues: the identification of competition lines (cleavages) between Euro-parties, the impact of European elections over party behavior, and most importantly, the patterns of voting behavior and coalition formation in European Parliament. The data show that Euro-parties are not organized along the traditional competition lines. Furthermore, due to national differences within themselves, they are more likely to compete within than between them. Results also show that MEPs’ selection is controlled by domestic politics, influencing in a negative way party behavior in European Union. The conclusion reveals the fact that Euro-parties behave chaotic, directed by power control, rather than ideological backgrounds. (The author)

Topics of interest:

  • political sciences
  • European Parliament
  • European political parties

Author: Editura LUMEN

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